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Fun! [Apr. 17th, 2008|09:21 pm]
[Tags|, ]
[Current Location |dancing on the ceiling]
[i am |happyhappy]
[listening to |Oh, load and loads and loads]

My new toys arrived today.

They fill a gap I've had in my listening capabilities - the laptop's speakers are woefully under-powered and tinny, and because I've got a significant portion of my favourite songs on a couple of portable MP3 players too, I've been lacking a way to inflict them upon share these with others till now.

I wanted something small enough to be able to move from room to room (and to take to other places, UK holidays etc), but big enough to pack enough punch to fill a medium-sized room.

Do they fit the bill?

Hell, yeah. I'd read various reviews of course, so I was hopeful, but I'm always a little nervous buying things unseen (or unheard). However, out of the box, these little beauties were singing, and after leaving them running alone for an hour, and then going back to tweak the volume, they blew me away. I admit, they're not fantastic for bass, but then I wasn't expecting too much from a 2.0 active speaker set-up. Still, they're absolutely perfect for what I need them for.

Highly recommended.